Postal History of the Palestinian National Authority

The Postmarks & Registration Markings

Editor: Tobias Zywietz

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These pages present comprehensively the current state of research into the postmarks and registration markings used by the postal administrations of the Palestinian National Authority.

The two main pages are:

There are also the following auxiliary pages:

As all these pages are updated frequently and whenever new information comes to light, I provide a separate page listing all such changes and additions and also offering an automated e-mail service to alert users:
Log of Changes and Additions

Official Acknowledgment of this website by the Director General of Palestine Post, Mr. Fathi Shbak, February 2012:
This website was awarded a GOLD medal
at the V. Euregio Egrensis Ostthüringer Briefmarkenaustellung,
a rank 2 stamp exhibition in Schleiz, Thuringia,
April 27–29, 2012
This website was awarded a Vermeil medal at the

International Philatelic Literature Exhibition
, in Mainz, Germany,
November 2–4, 2012

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