A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Postal Stationery, Forms and Miscellanea

Just a few illustrations...awaiting further research and investigation.



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International Advice of Delivery / Remittance NB112

International Advice of Delivery / Remittance (avis de réception / avis de paiement): front and reverse side of form NB112 (ن ب ١١٢). Two versions are known so far: red and orange, but also different layout and fonts!
Form sizes: 149x111mm and 154x110mm

NB112_01_V (25K) NB112_01_R (27K)
NB112_02_V (23K) NB112_02_R (24K)

Image of the orange variety courtesy Thomas Schubert.

National Advice of Delivery NB113

National Advice of Delivery: front and reverse side of form NB113 (ن ب ١١٣), shown here used. Form size: 140x112mm.

0200_20000723_R7284_A_NB113_V (17K) 0200_20000723_R7284_A_NB113_R (22K)

Airmail and Express Labels

  • Self-adhesive Airmail label بالبريد الجوي / PAR AVION, label size: 40.5x20.0mm, imprint size: 36.5x16.9mm
  • Self-adhesive Express label بريد مستعجل/ EXPRES, label size: 40.5x19.9mm, imprint size: 36.1x16.6mm

airmail label
exprerss label

Inland parcel despatch note NB104

Inland parcel despatch note: front and reverse side of form NB104 (ن ب ١٠٤), shown here used. Form size: 175x100mm.

0139_19961024_001_NB104_V (30K) 0139_19961024_001_NB104_R (22K)

International parcel despatch note NB101

International parcel despatch note (bulletin d'expédition): front and reverse of form NB101 (ن ب ١٠١). Form size: 249x147mm.

NB101_01_V (41K) NB101_01_R (48K)

Image courtesy Thomas Schubert.

Parcel Customs Declaration NB102

Customs Declaration for use with parcels (déclaration en douane): front and reverse of form NB102 (ن ب ١٠٢).
Form size: 202x149mm.

NB102_01_V (41K) NB102_01_R (41K)

Customs Delaration (label) NB118

Customs declaration label الجمارك / DOUANE, NB118 (ن ب ١١٨). Size: ca. 45.7x166.6mm

NB118_01_V (41K) NB118_01_R (41K)

Telegram form BF402

Telegram form: original (front) of form BF402 (ب ف ٤٠٢). Form size: 196x151mm.

BF402_01_V (38K)

Image courtesy Thomas Schubert.

Inland Express Envelope

Stiff cardbord envelope for use as inland express mail measuring 337x239mm (just smaller than B4).

domex B4 front
domex B4 reverse

Inland Express Label

Self-adhesive labels for use as inland express mail measuring 150x110mm.

domex label front

Govenmental Post Envelope

Stiff cardbord envelopes for use as inland official mail. Several sizes:

  • 337x239mm (just smaller than B4)
  • 256x176mm (B5)
govpost B4 front
govpost B4 reverse
govpost B5 front
govpost B5 reverse

Govenmental Post Label

Self-adhesive labels for use on official mail measurung 150x110mm.

govpost label front

Receipt/Certificate of posting NB106

Receipts (or certificates of posting) for registered letters: form NB-106 ( ن ب -١٠٦), form size 161x55mm, imprint size: 143x49mm. I noted that the accompanying letter is postmarked Bethlehem 3 (122), this receipt Bethlehem 4 (199), both 18.04.1999.
Several versions exist with different layout, font, and size. Below a few more illustrations:
0199_19990418_R9464_NB106_V (16K)
0093_20100415_R0334_NB106_V (14K) 0098_20080929_R66_NB106_V (17K)
0168_20080925_R2656_NB106_V (18K) 0214_20080928_R00872_NB106_V (17K)
0215_20080929_R000280_NB106_V (12K) 0272_20080928_R0047_NB106_V (17K)
0273_20080928_R0763_NB106_V (16K) 0296_20100415_R07010_NB106_V (17K)
0274_20080928_R0504_NB106_V (18K)

Picture Postcard Booklets (2010)

Two editions of picture postcard booklets were issued in 2010, featuring unfranked picture postcards with views from Palestine. The indivual cards, of which there are seven in each seat, measure 139x101 mm.

PC1 front PC1 reverse
PC2 front PC2 reverse

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