A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Postal Rates: Small Packets, Commercial Samples

Small Packets

Service introduced on 19.6.30 (1929 UPU Conference) at 7 mils per 50gms (minimum charge 25 mils). Rate on 1.06.32 was 9 mils per 50gms, minimum 300gms. In 1948 the rate was 8 mils per 50gms.

(E. Proud: The Postal History of Palestine. Proud-Bailey, 1985.)

Small Packets: Inland

Period per 50g Comments
19.06.1930–31.05.1932 7 m Minimum fee: 25m
1.06.1932–4.04.1945 9 m Minimum weight: 300g
5.04.19145–14.05.1948 8 m
1921 inland parcels: 2p (<1.5 kg), 4p (1.5–3.5kg), 6 p (3.5–5.5kg)

Insured boxes

Period per 50g Comments
–.–.1926–30.06.1940 8 m Minimum fee: 40m
1.07.1940–14.05.1948 16 m Minimum fee: 65m
For general insurance fees see Registration and Insurance. Insured boxes were only allowed inland.

Sample Post

The rate being on 1.12.28 6 mils the first 100gms then 3 mils per 50gms.

(E. Proud: The Postal History of Palestine. Proud-Bailey, 1985.)

Postmaster General: Postal Guide 1948



The rate of postage on sample packets is 3 mils per 50 grammes or part thereof with a minimum charge of 6 mils.


The maximum weight is 500 grammes.

The limits of size are:—
      60 cms. in length, 30 cms. in width, 30 cms. in depth;
or if made up in the form of a roll,
      75 cms. for the length and twice the diameter combined and 80 cms.
      for the greatest dimension.

The use of the sample post is restricted to genuine trade samples and no article is admissible unless it be in fact a specimen of goods for sale. The specimen must be in itself without saleable value. The sample post must not be used, in any circumstances, for the conveyance of goods for sale or consigned in execution of an order, however small the quantity, sent from a dealer to an actual, or possible, purchaser, or for the transmission of articles from one private person to another.

(Postmaster General: Postal Guide 1948; reprinted in: E. Proud: The Postal History of Palestine. Proud-Bailey, 1985)

Commercial Samples: Inland

Period per 50g Comments
(1.12.1928) 3 m Minimum fee: 6m
(1948) 3 m Minimum fee: 6m
Foreign samples 1921: 4m (first 100g), then 2m each add. 50 g. Foreign commercial papers: 1 p (first 250g), 2m (each add. 50g).

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