A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Postal Rates: Postcards

Postmaster General: Postal Guide 1948


The prepaid rate of postage on every postcard is 7 mils. A postcard posted unpaid is chargeable on delivery with double postage; if posted underpaid, with double the amount short paid.

The material for private cards to be used as postcards must be ordinary cardboard or paper not thinner than that used for the thinnest cards issued and sold by the Postmaster General for use as postcards and stout enough not to hinder manipulation. No card may exceed 15 cms. in length by 10.5 cms. in width, or be less than 10 cms. in length by 7 cms. in width. Nothing may be attached to a postcard except:—

  1. Stamps in payment of postage or stamp duty;
  2. A label or a slip to fold back completely adherent to the card, and bearing the name and address of the addressee;
  3. A similar label (not to exceed 5 cms. long and 2 cms. wide), bearing the name and address of the sender of the card; and
  4. Engravings, drawings, photographs, and printed matter on very thin paper and completely adherent to the card.

A postcard may not be folded, nor may it be cut or altered in such a way as to reduce the size below 10 by 7 cms. A postcard may not be fastened against inspection in any way, or enclosed in a cover of any kind.

If any of the foregoing rules be infringed, the card will be treated as a letter.

The articles specified in paragraphs (3) and (4) may be affixed either to the back of the card or to the left-hand half of the address side. The righthand half of the address side is reserved exclusively for the postage stamp and the address. Contravention of this regulation may result in the card being withheld from delivery.

(Postmaster General: Postal Guide 1948; reprinted in: E. Proud: The Postal History of Palestine. Proud-Bailey, 1985)

Postcards: Inland

Period Rate Comments
–.11.1917–15.02.1918 free Due to lack of stamps, civilians were allowed to use the Army and Field Post facilities free of charge.
16.02.1918–15.07.1918 5 m
16.07.1918–31.08.1920 3 m
1.09.1920–31.03.1941 4 m
1.04.1941–14.05.1948 7 m

Postcards: Foreign

Period Rate Comments
–.11.1917–9.02.1918 free Due to lack of stamps, civilians were allowed to use the Army and Field Post facilities free of charge.
10.02.1918–15.07.1918 10 m
16.07.1918–30.09.1921 4 m
1.10.1921–31.12.1922 6 m
1.01.1923–15.12.1925 8 m
16.12.1925–31.05.1932 7 m
1.06.1932–30.06.1940 8 m
1.07.1940–30.06.1943 10 m
1.07.1943–14.05.1948 13 m

Postcards: Foreign – Reduced Rates for UK & Ireland

Period Rate Comments
1.03.1938–3.09.1939 5 m "All Up" Empire air mail rate.
4.09.1939–30.06.1943 8 m
1.07.1943–14.05.1948 10 m

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