A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

The Stamps of Palestine 2003


Plants I: Living Reservoirs 2003 / Plants II: Trees 2003 /
Universities 2003 / Handicrafts 2003

During 2003 Palestine issued three stamp series and one block:
  •   Plants I: Living Reservoirs (stamps + block) (10.05.2003)
  •   Plants II: Trees (12.07.2003)
  •   Universities (19.07.2003)
  •   Handicrafts (11.10.2003)


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Plants I: Living Reservoirs 2003

A series of three stamps and a block was issued on 10.05.2003 depicting succulent plants under the title "Living Reservoirs": Opuntia, Euphorbia, and Agave. The stamps are denominated at 550, 600, and 750 Fils. The stamps were printed in sheets of 10 (5x2), and additionally se-tenant in a block. The stamps in the block are minimally higher: 33.0–33.1mm as opposed to 32.75mm and the colours seem less intense. Stamps (total value: 1,900 Fils) and block (1,900 Fils) were printed by Bundesdruckerei GmbH Berlin (print run: unknown) and perforated K 13.75:14.
Two official FDC were issued: one containing the individual stamps, the other the block. The former is known in two versions: one neatly cancelled in black, the other cancelled in blue/purple (presumably at the Philatelic Office in Gaza). All versions use the same special postmark dated 10.05.2003.

The plants depicted are:
  •   550f: "Prickly Pear" (Opuntia)
  •   600f: "Big-horned Euphorbia" (Euphorbia gradicornis, one of 2,800 species of Euphorbia)
  •   750f: "Century Plant" (Agave Americana)

External links:
  •   Opuntia (Wikimedia Commons)
  •   Opuntia (Opuntia Web)
  •   Oputien (German)
  •   Euphorbia gradicornis (Wikimedia Commons)
  •   Euphorbia gradicornis (Cactus Art)
  •   Euphorbia gradicornis (Succulent Euphorbias)
  •   Agave (Wikimedia Commons)

204550f27.5x32.75mmK 13.75:14n/aSheets of 10 (5x2)
204a550f27.5x33mmse-tenant in block Zobbel Bl. 22 (109.7x66mm)

204 (16K) 205 (16K) 206 (15K)
206__block (64K)
204 (16K) 205 (16K) 206 (15K)

Plants II: Trees 2003

A series of two stamps was issued on 12.07.2003 depicting plants native to Palestine: Olive Tree and "Blessing Tree". The stamps are denominated at 300 and 700 Fils. The stamps with a total value of 1,000 Fils were printed in sheets of 10 (5x2) by Bundesdruckerei GmbH Berlin. Print run: unknown. Perforation: K 13.75:14.
An official FDC was issued with he stamps cancelled by a special first-day postmark dated 12.07.2003.

The plants depicted are:
  •   300f: Olive Tree (Olea europea)
  •   700f: "Blessing Tree" (Mistletoe, Viscum album)

External links:
  •   Olea europea (Wikimedia Commons)
  •   Fact Sheet: Olive Trees – More Than Just a Tree in Palestine (Reliefweb)
  •   Olive trees in Palestine: The story of a drop by Hitham I. Kayali (IMEU/This Week In Palestine)
  •   Turathina Centre: The Olive Tree (Bethlehem University)
  •   Palestinian Cuisine (Wikipedia)
  •   Palestinian annual olive harvest, a struggle to survive by Leona Vicario (Palestine Monitor)
  •   Viscum album (mistletoe) (Wikimedia Commons)
  •   Holly Parasite or Christmas Mistletoe by Ammar Khammash (Jordan Flora)

207300f27.5x32.75mmK 13.75:14n/aSheets of 10 (5x2)

207 (17K) 208 (18K)
207 (17K) 208 (18K)

Universities 2003

A series of three stamps was issued on 19.07.2003 depicting buildings of Palestinian Universities: al-Azhar (Gaza), Hebron, and Arab-American (Jenin). The stamps are denominated at 250, 650, and 800 Fils with a total value of 1,700 Fils. They were printed by Bundesdruckerei GmbH Berlin in sheets of 10 (2x5). Print run: unknown. Perforation: K 13.75:14.
An official FDC was issued using the generic envelope with the stamps cancelled by a special first-day postmark dated 19.07.2003.

The buildings shown represent these universities:
  •   250f: al-Azhar University, Gaza (founded 1991, 18,000 students)
  •   650f: Hebron University (founded 1971, 8,100 students)
  •   800f: Arab-American University, Jenin (campus in Talfit near Zababdeh, founded 2000, 7,300 students)

External links:
  •   Education in the Palestinian Territories (Wikipedia)
  •   al-Azhar University, Gaza
  •   Hebron University
  •   Arab-American University, Jenin

209250f54.8x32.75mmK 13.75:14n/asheets of 10 (2x5)

209 (29K)
210 (29K) 211 (31K)
209 (29K) 210 (29K) 211 (31K)

Handicrafts 2003

On 11.10.2003 Palestine issued a stamp series depicting typical Palestinian apparel handicraft products: glass necklace, headdress, embroidery, and head veil. The five stamps are denominated at 150, 200, 450, 500, and 950 Fils, and were printed by Bundesdruckerei GmbH Berlin in sheets of 10 (5x2). Total value: 2,250 Fils. Print run: unknown. Perforation: K 13.75.

The crafts and products depicted are:
  •   150f: glass necklaces
  •   200f: headdress
  •   450f, 500f: embroidery
  •   950f: head-veil

External links:
  •   Hebron Glass (Wikipedia)
  •   Hebron's Glass History (by Gail Simmons) (Saudi Aramco World)
  •   Jewellery (Kawar Arab Heritage Collection)
  •   Head covers (Kawar Arab Heritage Collection)
  •   Gallery of Costumes and head-dresses (Palestinian Heritage Foundation)
  •   Palestinian Costumes (Wikipedia)
  •   Embroidery (Kawar Arab Heritage Collection)
  •   Palestine Costume Archive (pre-1948)
  •   Palestine Costume Archive (post-1948)
  •   Palestinian Traditional Clothing (Raqs NZ)
  •   Woven Legacy, Woven Language by Jane Waldron Grutz (Saudi Aramco World)
  •   These Stitches Speak by Jane M. Friedman (Saudi Aramco World)

Two official FDCs were issued: one contains Zobbel nos. 212–214, the other Zobbel nos. 215–216, both with a special first day postmark dated 11.10.2003.

212150f35x35mmK 13.75n/asheets of 10 (5x2)

212 (23K) 213 (19K)
214 (23K) 215 (26K) 216 (25K)
212 (23K) 213 (19K)
214 (23K) 215 (26K) 216 (25K)

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