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Stamp Booklet 1: Bethlehem 2000

On 28.06.2000 Palestine issued a stamp booklet as part of its series commemorating the "Bethlehem 2000" celebrations. The booklet contains seven sheets (ie. 14 pages) of which three contain one stamp each at 2,000 Fils. Total value: 6,000 Fils. Printed and produced by Cartor Security Printers, La Loupe, France, using 22 carat gold applications. The print run is unknown.
No official FDC was issued for this stamp booklet although sets of three FDCs (each with one sheet) cancelled 29.06.2000 do exist.

The booklet was devised by M.J. Gelamur using images of paintings by Fra Angelico (ca. 1395–1455), Giotto (1266–1337), Gentile da Fabriano (ca. 1370–1427), and a photo-montage by French artist and stamp designer Jean-Paul Véret-Lemarinier (*1944):
  • page 3, stamp Zobbel 153: detail from Giotto's Nativity of Jesus (Natività di Gesù, 1303–1305), detail from a fesco in Scrovegni (or Arena) chapel in Padua.
  • page 7, stamp Zobbel 154: detail from Giotto's Padua Crucifix (Crocifisso di Padova, ca. 1304), detail from a painted wodden crucifix originally in Scrovegni (or Arena) chapel in Padua, now in the Musei civici degli Eremitani, Padua.
  • page 11, stamp Zobbel 155: detail from Fra Angelico's Madonna of the Star (Madonna della stella, ca. 1424), painting in the Museo di San Marco, Florence.
  • on page 1: detail from Giotto's Nativity of Jesus.
  • on page 2: detail from Fra Angelico's The Annunciation (ca. 1438/55), fresco in San Marco Convent (Museo di San Marco), Florence
  • on page 5: Gentile da Fabriano's Adoration of the Magi (Adorazione dei Magi, 1423), painting in the Galleria delle Uffizi, Florence.
  • on page 6: detail from Giotto's Padua Crucifix.
  • on page 9: detail from Giotto's The Mourning of Christ (Compianto sul Cristo morto, 1303–1305) (fresco, Scrovegni chapel, Padua)
  • on page 10: detail from Fra Angelico's Madonna of the Star.
  • on page 13: Giotto's The Last Supper (Ultima cena, ca. 1306) (painting in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich).
  • on page 14: photo-montage featuring the Wailing Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and the Chrurch of the Holy Sepulchre, design created by Jean-Paul Véret-Lemarinier.

To make the differentiation of the Bethlehem 2000 stamps more easy, I have created a
           Guide to the Cartor Christmas and Easter Stamps (1999, 2000, 2001)
where all the stamps are shown and classified.

The booklet contains seven sheets:

  • cover 1 (pages 1/2)
  • stamp pane 1 (pages 3/4): 2,000 Fils: Zobbel 153, Zobbel MHBl. 001
  • interleaving sheet 1 (pages 5/6)
  • stamp pane 2 (pages 7/8): 2,000 Fils: Zobbel 154, Zobbel MHBl. 002
  • interleaving sheet 2 (pages 9/10)
  • stamp pane 3 (pages 11/12): 2,000 Fils: Zobbel 155, Zobbel MHBl. 003
  • cover 2 (pages 13/14)
The sheets are stitched together on the left side with white fathom (26 stiches) covered by thick sticky tape. Part of the cover is cut out to make the stamp on pane 1 visible. The booklet exists in two versions:
  • red tape (regular version): Zobbel MH 001
  • gold tape (believed to be a trial version by printers Cartor): Zobbel MH 001b

book001_c1 (3K) book001_c2 (3K)         book001a_t (3K) book001b_t (3K)

The size of the booklet is 156x99mm, with exact measurements varying slightly. The "golden" variant is reported by Thomas Schubert to be minimally smaller at 155x96mm, a copy I have however measures 156.4x98.1mm.

External links:
  •   Fra Angelico: "The Annunciation" (Italian Wikipedia)
  •   Gentile da Fabriano: "Adoration of the Magi" (Italian Wikipedia)
  •   Giotto: "Nativity of Jesus" (Italian Wikipedia)
  •   Fra Angelico: "Madonna of the Stars" (Italian Wikipedia)
  •   Giotto: "The Mourning of Christ" (Italian Wikipedia)
  •   Giotto: The Padua Cruxifix (Italian Wikipedia)
  •   Jean-Paul Véret-Lemarinier (Site de Référence des Créateurs de Timbres, French)
  •   Museo di San Marco, Florence (Uffizi)

1532,000f36x50.5mmK 13.25Pane 1: Zobbel MHBl. 001
1542,000f51x36.2mmPane 2: Zobbel MHBl. 002
1552,000f36x51.4mmPane 3: Zobbel MHBl. 003

book001_V (208K) book001_R (208K)
book001b_V (208K) book001b_R (208K)
book001_01 (27K) book001_02 (27K)
book001_03 (27K) book001_04 (27K)
book001_05 (27K) book001_06 (27K)
book001_07 (27K) book001_08 (27K)
book001_09 (27K) book001_10 (27K)
book001_11 (27K) book001_12 (27K)
book001_13 (27K) book001_14 (27K)

Stamp Booklet 2: Yassir Arafat 2011

The booklet, planned for 2011 but issued only on 6.06.2012, contains 16 pages with 4 stamp panes. One notes that the stamps on pane 4 (page 14) are perforated differently to the others. It is part of an issue containing four additional stamps.

  • front cover (pages 1/2, page 2 is empty)
  • interleaving sheet 1 (pages 3/4)
  • stamp pane 1 (page 5): 3x1000 Fils: Zobbel 253, Zobbel MHBl. 004
  • interleaving sheet 2 (pages 6/7)
  • stamp pane 2 (page 8): 2x500, 2x750 Fils: Zobbel 251/252, Zobbel MHBl. 005
  • interleaving sheet 3 (pages 9/10)
  • stamp pane 3 (page 11): 4x250 Fils: Zobbel 250, Zobbel MHBl. 006
  • interleaving sheet 4 (pages 12/13)
  • stamp pane 4 (page 14): 250, 500, 750, 1000 Fils: Zobbel 250a/251a/252a/253a, Zobbel MHBl. 007
  • back cover (pages 15/16)
Pages 3-14 are stapled together on the right side with two metal staples, this unit is then glued to the cover going all the way around. The size of the booklet is 170x116mm. The numbered booklet contains 15 stamps in four denominations (5x250, 3x500, 3x750, 4x1,000 Fils) with a total franking value of 9,000 Fils and is sold for a price of 20,000 Fils. Print run: 5,000.

250250f35.4x45mmK 14:14.2520,000Block of 4 on pane 3.
250a250fK 14.255,000Part (once) of se-tenant strip on pane 4.
251500fK 13:13.2510,000Part (twice) of se-tenant strip on pane 2.
251a500fK 14.255,000Part (once) of se-tenant strip on pane 4.
252750fK 13:13.2510,000Part (twice) of se-tenant strip on pane 2.
252a750fK 14.255,000Part (once) of se-tenant strip on pane 4.
2531,000fK 13:13.2515,000Strip of three on pane 1.
253a1,000fK 14.255,000Part (once) of se-tenant strip on pane 4.

book002_V (208K) book002_R (208K)
The following images show the essay on the left, the actual printed booklet on the right. Please note that the stamp panes were scanned on brown backround.
book002essay_01 (27K) book002_01 (27K)
book002essay_02 (27K) book002_02 (27K)
book002essay_03 (27K) book002_03 (27K)
book002essay_04 (27K) book002_04 (27K)
book002essay_05 (27K) book002_05 (27K)
book002essay_06 (27K) book002_06 (27K)
book002essay_07 (27K) book002_07 (27K)
book002essay_08 (27K) book002_08 (27K)
book002essay_09 (27K) book002_09 (27K)
book002essay_10 (27K) book002_10 (27K)
book002essay_11 (27K) book002_11 (27K)
book002essay_12 (27K) book002_12 (27K)
book002essay_13 (27K) book002_13 (27K)
book002essay_14 (27K) book002_14 (27K)
book002essay_15 (27K) book002_15 (27K)
book002essay_16 (27K) book002_16 (27K)

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