A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Part 10: Coils (1928-45)

The definitives of 1927 ("Pictorials") were used for the production of coils. At a later stage specific coil stamps were produced. These coils were intended for use in vending machines.

Coil production was started in 1928 when the mass-used values (2m for printed matter, 5m for in-land letters) were made into coils of 500. The actual production method was to disjoin the regular sheets of 250 into vertical strips containing 10 stamps each. These strips were then manually pasted together. Coils of 3m stamps (overseas printed matter) were made in 1930, followed by 15m coils (overseas letter) in 1936.

Stamps from the handmade coils show therefore the same characteristics, varieties, errors, etc. as the regular sheet stamps. The only difference with the 5m and 15m values is the type of paper used: thin, vertically ribbed. Because this paper is known only from these two coils stamps, it is thought that they were produced in separate print runs especially for the production of coils.

Philatelic literature, which often uses the misleading term experimental coils, also mentions production volumes. Bale Mandate lists these figures: 2m (668 oils = 334,000 stamps), 3m (400 = 200,000), 5m (2,200 = 1.1m) and 15m (1,050 = 525,000). It also mentions that the values of 2m and 3m are very rare and that the number of recorded copies does in no way relate to the quantities delivered by Crown Agents.

The production of coils was altered in 1935: the coils (500) of 5m (foreign printed matter) in orange (1935/36) and yellow (1945) as well as the value of 10m (in-land letter and Airmail rate) were now machine produced. These stamp, on regular paper (white, wove) were perforated 14.5:14. Knowm varieties include inverted watermark (5m, 10m) and missing perforation (5m).

The quantities produced, according to Crown Agents' records quoted by Bale Mandate, were as follows: 1.765m (3,529 coils) of 5m and 2.07m (4,140 coils) for 10m.

Stamps from handmade coils
SG/Bale Michel Value Issue Colour Type Paper Watermk. Perf. Circ.
(90 X)(52)2 m (1928/30)grünblauT 9gumm.W2K 13.5:14.50.3m
(91 X)(53)3 m (Nov. 1930)gelbgrünT 9gumm.W2K 13.5:14.50.2m
(93 X)(56 A)5 m (1928)orangeT 11gumm., TVRW2K 13.5:14.51.1m
(108 X)(65)15 m (1936)ultramarinT 10gumm., TVRW2K 13.5:14.50.5m
Coil stamps from machine-made coils
SG/Bale Michel Value Issue Colour Type Paper Watermk. Perf. Circ.
93 E56 C5 m(1936)orangeT 11gumm.W214.5:141.8m
93d E----(vermillion)
93e E----(yellow orange)
97 E62 C10 m(Nov.1938)grau (slate)T 9gumm.W214.5:142.1m

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