A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Fake Stamps and Forgeries:
Ghandi 2007


A number of stamps (blocks or sheetlets) have recently appeared in the philatelic trade and on Ebay, depicting Mahatma Ghandi, which are purporting to be issued by the Palestinian National Authority and also bear a "Scout" logo (lillies). More types than shown here may exist. THESE ARE ALL FORGERIES.

Note the incorrect inscriptions: Palestinian National Authority instead of the correct The Palestinian Authority, the missing currency Fils and several other errors! A number of similar products exist, commemorating e.g. the late Pope and prominent chess players, or African fauna, all purporting to be "stamps" from Palestine.

According to the PWO website and Motor Filatelisten Nederland the persons reponsible for these fake stamps include a certain ******* ***** from *******. I personally cannot prove this connection, but numerous websites make exactly that inference.

Ebay Item Vendor Buyer Price Status
230206891630 Ghandi 1 o brownblackcherry -- $24.99 unsold
230206891679 Ghandi 2 o brownblackcherry -- $24.99 unsold
fakeghandi1 (25K) fakeghandi2 (30K)
Images from Ebay

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