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This is a guide to a series of pages containing the chart-records of all 2,221 entries into ECHOES' UK Reggae Charts: the Reggae Disco 45s singles chart and the Reggae Albums LP charts during the chart years 1993--1999.

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RLUK Artist Index
V.A.Various Artists Compilations & EPs
AAisha - Axx of Jahpostles
BAnthony B - Junior Byles
C Cakeman - Tony Curtis
DLukie D - Errol Dunkley
E Earl Sixteen - Alton Ellis
F Terror Fabulous - Future Trouble
G Phil Gabbie - Marcia Griffiths
H Pam Hall - Tad Hunter
I Ijah Man - Israel Vibration
J The Jack Radics - Nereus Joseph
K Maxine K - Kofi
L Lady G. - Luciano
M Major Mackeral - Mikey Mystic
N Barbara Napp - Nitty Kutchie
O Johnny Osbourne - Outlaw Candy
P Panhead - Pure Silk
Q (no entries)
R Roger Rabbit - Bunny Rugs
S Saint & Campbell - Nadine Sutherland
T Reuben Tafari - Turbulence
U Ultimate Warrior - U Roy
V Donna V. - Mr. Vegas
W Wayne Wade - Steven Wright
X (no entries)
Y Yabba You - Queen Yemisi
Z Zebra

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